10 Ways to Celebrate Love

While Valentine’s has traditionally focused on couples in love, we think that everyone deserves some extra love and appreciation this year.

What are some ways to show family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours some love? We came up with 10 things, but are sure there are plenty more.

1. Send someone a box of compliments.

2. Make a donation to a local charity.

3. Commit to 3 random acts of kindness.

4. Write a recommendation for a colleague on LinkedIn.

5. A Reverse Scavenger Hunt Leaving Hand Crafted Hearts around the Neighbourhood

6. A Front Yard Snow Sculpture Contest Best Heart Shape, Best Cupid etc.

7. A Zoom Cookie Baking Session with Friends.

8. Create a poster listing what you love about life. Share it via Facebook.

9. Volunteer at a Food Bank or Homeless Shelter.

10. Send out Thank You notes to the people who have helped you over the past year.

Now that we’ve given you some ideas let’s give Cupid some competition and show the world that there is more to love than flowers, chocolates, and heart-shaped candy.

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