Bloom with Us!

Have you been wanting to convert your backyard into a relaxing oasis, but are worried your gardening skills aren’t up to the task?

We know some people who can help with that and we asked them to lead our Bloom with Us webinar on May 26th.

Kirsten is the Owner/Landscape Designer at Backyards & More and Tylor is a Foreman at Blue Aspen Contracting. Together they bring the perfect blend of design skills and gardening knowledge to help you understand what to plant, how to plant, and the secret to making your garden truly bloom!

Kirsten and Tylor are passionate about helping fellow Albertans transform their yards and spaces into a backyard oasis for mental and physical tranquility. With all the challenges we have seen over the past year, we invite you to spend some time outside with nature and dig into some fresh earth and create!

Join us for some expert tips and tricks to make gardening a fun, relaxing, and successful venture. To register click here.

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