Change in this new world

You’ve changed!!! I had someone say to me not too long ago, and before I waited to see if it was for the better or for the not so good, I said “Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?”. Change! This word has become bigger than life. For some, it overtakes them with the fear of the unknown, causing stress, anxiety and feelings of helplessness. And yet for others, the feelings are excitement, renewal, refresh. Change means leaving that comfort zone, where we always want things to stay the same no matter how things are going. Change! In this new world, change is coming at us faster and more furious. It is forcing us to look at a realm beyond, one of transformation, and transition to transcend! Whether we are ready or not.

I was recently taking part in a webinar, and if you planned one you know the work it takes to get to execution. Well the presenter did not show up! Technology issues, time change, they were in another country, and who knows what else. In another time we would have apologized and quickly tried to reschedule. Instead we started a discussion about agility. So, I paused and said well this is our new world, this will happen how do you deal with something like this? As an improv discussion ensued, discussions were had around more engagement and communication, then it turned into how we lead with the new world of added emotions. How do you bring your whole-self to every situation?

Do we need to become more self-aware? Are there incidents that are new to us and we react to differently? Do we have to become more empathetic? More accommodating? For some, is this in our nature? We have our own feelings, our own opinions. How are we managing these emotions, when those triggers, or new triggers, are ignited, how do we reconcile with them?

I know as we approach the year’s anniversary of how so much has changed for us, I have also seen how, for the most part, we have become more open, more understanding, and yes in some cases more accommodating. And we can not forget that word “guilt” we most certainly have to be more forgiving with ourselves and others.

And then…if we are changing, so is everyone around us. We are all in this together. Change! I recently heard that now 3 things we can be certain of: Death, taxes and now change!!! Oh, and by the way…they said I changed for the better. We at WomenIN not only strives to ensure we bring value to our community to keep the conversations going, but that we ourselves become aware and take our own lessons on self-care to be present with our whole-self. Let us know what you think? How have you had to change?

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