Did you know ...

that the Civic Holiday is not a national statutory holiday, but is celebrated uniquely by each province.

Here in Alberta we celebrate Heritage Day. In BC and New Brunswick it’s British Columbia Day and New Brunswick Day respectively. Nova Scotians celebrate Natal Day for the founding of Halifax and if you're in PEI you can call it either Natal Day or Federal Government Holiday. Ontario celebrates Simcoe Day after the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, while Manitobans know it as Terry Fox Day. Nunavut and the Northwest Territories are the only places where it is actually referred to as Civic Day.

Newfoundland doesn’t have an official holiday, but celebrates Regatta Day this weekend. Folks in the Yukon have to wait until mid-month for their long weekend to celebrate discovery day. Meanwhile, Quebecers are ahead of the crowd, having celebrated St. Jean Baptiste Day back in June.

We wish you a relaxing, safe, and enjoyable long weekend, whichever day you are celebrating.

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