Finding Purpose

One of my many talents, aside from the humble-brag, is to make things a lot more complicated than they need to be. It’s a very frustrating talent and I’m always incredibly grateful whenever someone saves me from myself by showing me a better, and simpler, way. My gratitude this week goes to a new LinkedIn connection, one Larry Cabrera whose thoughtful comments on finding purpose really hit home.

‘Finding your purpose’ has been the job and life satisfaction mantra of the last few years. If you find your purpose in life, then you be fulfilled. Having a purpose gives your life meaning. Type those words into your browser and it’ll come up with plenty of websites offering 7 Tips, Five Steps, Seven Ways … for finding your purpose. Tony Robins even offers 12 tips, with a focus on figuring out where you fit in with your community.

I was always left feeling finding my purpose would be this big, mystical journey, involving deep introspection and some philosophical insight into the workings of the universe. It never occurred to me that I could have more than one purpose, that my purpose can be situational, and that it can be something utterly straight forward and practical.

Then I read what Larry Cabrera had to say about finding purpose in everything you do. His purpose in working at a restaurant as a student was to earn money for school. His purpose in going to school was to gain knowledge. His purpose as a husband and father was to make give his family more opportunities and be part of their journey. This was just such an eye opener for me! Instead of searching for some larger than life philosophy to cover it all, I can set my purposes for all the things I do.

My purpose for working with WomenIN is to bring valuable content to our members that will help make their lives better. My purpose in my photography is to capture the beauty I find in nature and share it with others. My purpose in works is …. well you get the picture.

Dear Larry,

If your purpose for sharing your experience on LinkedIn is to help a fellow human being do better at life, I’d say you nailed it.

You have me sincerest thanks.

By: Ines Quandel

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

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