Girl Dad

The term Daddy’s Girl is one we all grew up with. According to Google Dictionary it is defined as “a girl or woman who is particularly attached to, and indulged by, her father”. This is the traditional view of father/daughter relationships.

A newer term is Girl Dad, which the Urban Dictionary defines as “father who wants his daughter (s) to have the same rights, opportunities, and privileges as any boy”. A broader definition being a father who has a daughter or daughters. On Twitter #GirlDad was trending earlier this year inspired by an article about Kobe Bryant’s love for his daughters, and it was trending again for Father’s Day. The message being that having a daughter or daughters is something to be celebrated and is a wonderful thing. A look at Twitter captures many beautiful posts and photographs from fathers sharing the love, joy, and pride they feel for their wonderful daughters.

At WomenIN our vision is a future with equal opportunities for all. As a group of strong, successful women we know what we want for ourselves and other women, but what do others want. Having just celebrated Father’s Day we thought “what do Girl Dads want life to be like for their daughters?”

To all the Girl Dads out there:

  • What is it that you want for your daughters?

  • What do you want your daughters to learn about the world?

  • What do you want them to change in the world?

  • What are you teaching them?

  • What are you learning from them?

We would love it if you would be willing to share the answers to these questions with us at WomenIN, either in the comments below or via direct message. If you give permission we plan to share your stories on our WomenIN blog to inspire us all to move toward equality.

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