How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways

By Lori Lang

I recently participated in a free meditation experience where each day included a theme, a short message, a mediation, and an optional journal with three questions regarding my experience of the meditation and how it tied into my personal journey.

One day’s theme was about experiencing meaning and purpose through a loving relationship and the three journal questions asked: what do I envision as an ideal relationship and what the other person would give me; how could I give these things to myself rather than depending on someone else; and lastly, what do I love about myself, instructing me to be generous writing about all the things that make me wonderful.

I found the first question quite easy and the answer flowed, I had just watched an interview with two people who inspire me, and so much of their discussion about the giving and receiving within relationships rang true.

My response to the second question came easily and freely as it flowed directly from my response to the first question.

While the third question was also familiar, having appeared in many other meditation journals, it provided more of a challenge. Rather than closing my journal and walking away, I started to write my response.

I love that:

1. I help others as much as I can when they ask, or don’t ask

2. I share my experience and wisdom when asked

3. I play joyfully with my granddaughters

4. I make posters and participate in drive-by birthday parties

5. I advocate for those whose voices are not heard

6. I remember to send birthday & other special occasion cards

7. I give time and money to family and charities close in my heart

8. I keep seeking and learning

9. I meditate and pray for myself and others.

As I read my list, I realized that I was only loving what I did. There was nothing on the list about loving who I am.

All through this life, I have and still do struggle to like who I am. I often feel that I am not enough, as I know many other people feel too. I decided to try an experiment. Looking at each item on the list, I wondered how I could humbly change the focus from Doing to Being. It was much easier than I expected, although there were many tears shed as I wrote and believed each one.

I love myself as:

1. I Am loving, caring, and kind

2. I Am smart, honest, and wise

3. I Am playful, spontaneous, and joyful

4. I Am creative, giving, and present

5. I Am confident, compassionate, and powerful

6. I Am considerate, organized, and consistent

7. I Am unconditionally generous

8. I Am open, receptive and evolving

9. I Am spirit connected to God and to all others


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