Investing in Yourself

by Ines Quandel

It’s back to school time for the kids, but what about us grown-ups? Today I sat in on amazing session about how to master social media content creation. It’s with an instructor who really knows his stuff. It’s in a small group setting. You actually create content in the sessions. And it’s something that I’m really interested in learning. But like all good things, it’s not cheap.

When the instructor talked about the price, he asked how much I invested in myself (for training). He also gave me a rough estimate of how much he invests in his own training. Then he compared that to someone in his line of business who invests even more in himself and has built a bigger business and a bigger income. That’s what got me thinking about my return on investment.

ROI is usually measured in dollars and cents, but as an individual I get so much more than just increased earning potential from attending courses and workshops. This line of thought was inspired by a post that someone else was preparing in the session I attended today. For those keeping track, so far my ROI from today’s session were the two key ideas for this piece of content.

What else can you and I get out of taking course and workshops: we keep our brains active and healthy, we make new connections, we end up with increased confidence in our skills and abilities, and we can use those skills for the benefit of others. We could learn new life skills that improve our wellbeing, whether financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Is it worth it when you invest in yourself?

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