Learning about Black History in Canada

by Ines Quandel

February is Black History Month. A time when we focus on the history of Black Canadians, one of struggle through inequality and racism. Learning about the lives of others and how they experience the world, allows us to broaden our perspective and gain understanding. It creates empathy that hopefully leads to actions that make the world a better place for all of us.

There are a lot of resources available for us during February, but also year around, to learn about the lives and experiences of Black Canadians. Some give historical facts and figures, and offer opinions and perspectives on political, social and economic realities and impacts. Others are from personal perspectives. The stories from people, past and present, giving us a glimpse at their day-to-day struggles with and triumphs despite inequality and racism.

If you want to learn more and prefer to learn through personal stories, CBC New and Penguin Random House are featuring articles and a book list as part of Black History Month.

The CBC has been publishing a daily Point of View article, giving readers a glimpse into the lives of Black Canadians today. Some newly immigrated, others born and raised here, all sharing their experience of being Black Canadians.

Publisher Penguin Random House has created an Anti-Racism Reading List for Black History Month, at

We know that there is still a struggle for inclusion, for respect, and for equal treatment in our society. The hope is that we can all agree to do better, to be inclusive, respectful, and supportive.

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