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Updated: Feb 12, 2020

I sat in a talk from an amazing senior executive woman who was presenting on women in business. She spoke about something that truly resonated with me and I carry with me every day. She said "What does success look like to you?" I immediately thought about my business and where I want it to be in 10 years. But what she said next revolutionized my way of thinking. She spoke about success is business, success in family, success in spirituality, physical success, etc.. What is your whole self success look like to you? The concept that I am so much more than just a business woman wasn't a new thought but when I thought of success I applied such a narrow filter.

When I looked at my whole self, all the things I am and imagined what whole self success looked like...I became truly inspired. The fact of the matter is, I could only achieve so much success in my career in a period of time. But when I set goals for my whole self, in every aspect of who I am, my perspective of success changed. There were parts of me that I had left behind in my attempt to achieve

my narrow view of success. Now working on my whole self success plan I am feeling accomplished and truly fulfilled.

I joined WomenIN because it aligns with my new whole self view and connects me to all kinds of amazing woman that share similar aspects of my whole self.

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