Reading Recommendation - The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek

By Ines Quandel

What makes a business book stand out for you? For me it’s being able to apply what the book teaches to other pieces of information I receive as I’m reading it. It makes the book timely and relevant. Simon Sinek’s The Infinite Game is a very relevant book. It applies to so much of what I am learning right now about politics, business, and even environmental activism.

There have been conversations about the green economy with a focus on short term goals versus the larger picture of changing our economies and our societies to better use resources in ways that both protect and enhance our environment. To me this is the ultimate infinite game and playing it well benefits all of the stakeholders and improves our world.

Then there was a conversation with a fellow WomenIN Board member about the need for SMEs to have both a visionary person and an analytical person as leaders for the business to succeed. One person looking ahead to play the infinite game, all the while keeping track of the operational day to day required to get there.

In the Infinite Game Simon Sinek compares the short-term profit oriented attitude of some leaders, versus the long-term service oriented attitude of others. The goals of the first are to make money, the goals of the second are to stay in business by serving their customers. Sinek gives a number of examples where the first approach has ended companies, while the second has made them wildly successful.

He also writes about will (internally generated amongst leadership and employees) and resources (obtained externally through customers and investors), and concludes that investing in will is a better strategy for a long-term stable company. Where will translates into finding new and effective ways to serve your customers, while maintaining the values that attracted them to you in the first place. Whereas investing in resources means preserving your balance sheet through raising investments or cutting costs. Better for your investors, often detrimental to your employees. It’s yet another facet of a finite approach versus and infinite approach.

The Infinite Game focuses on the mindset that leaders bring to running a business. To me it has huge implications to how our leaders approach politics. I think an infinite mindset is a must in good governance and leadership. The 4 year or less planning cycle, with an eye mainly on the vote count has not been serving our countries and our world. I would love to see Simon Sinek explore that concept of the infinite game in politics.

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