Spring 2020 has brought us positive experiences

by Heike Cantrup

Remember when people would roll their eyes when someone said they were "working from home"? Now it's a look of surprise when someone says they are going into the office. What a gift working families have been given this spring, so let's draw out some more positives.

1. Yes, Covid has lingered around, however it makes us realize how we are special and wanted. Please be safe and follow new social distancing patterns, since this is very likely to be permanent in some form or fashion.

2. Who knew that the world would be really seeing signs of nature or revitalization with cleaner water and fresher skies/air quality, all because of minimal to no human intervention. How lucky are we to see the beautiful waters in Venice?

3. With the dawn of a two minute office commute, and music artists singing quarantunes, we can now “teach the world to sing”. Finding time we never knew we always had, we are empowering each other to embrace this space and relish in each others’ talents. Recording artists, your neighbours and everyone in-between are releasing pieces of talent from sidewalk art, to impromptu Elvis impersonations, or front yard sax performances!

Being closer (if not right at) to home is giving us the ability to support our immediate families through all needs, appreciate what we have and to be grateful that we have the success of countries like New Zealand to illustrate the way to “get it done”.

#internationalblessings #thoughtsofpositivity


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