Strategies for Pivoting Your Career

Have you ever sat down and made a list of your Likes and Dislikes as part of your job search? Seems a bit basic, but it might provide some great insights into the right career for you. Dislike dealing with people all day long, maybe being a barista is not your cup of tea. Like creating complicated spreadsheets and love monitoring budgets, a career path in accounting or finance could be your ticket to a good income.

To successfully pivot your career, you need to know yourself, but also know the job market. Once you know what skills employers looking for that you can match up your skills and see if you need to invest in some skills development. Taking some courses, even online is also a great way to expand your network.

Elise brings 20+ years experience working with STEM Teams. She is a podcaster, event speaker, workshop facilitator, and the author of Unlocking the Opportunity.

Let Elise Stevens share some of her tips and tricks to pivoting your career during the Navigating Your Way Forward webinar on Wednesday February 24th, at 1pm.

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