Take the Lead Role for your Whole Self

We are more than the sum of our parts, yet we tend to compartmentalize who we are depending on where we are and what we are doing. The business catch phrases describe it as ‘wearing many hats’ and asking ‘which hat are you wearing’ or ‘which role are you playing’.

Our WomenIN webinar series focused on taking care of your whole self by looking at various components of self-care and personal growth. We addressed leadership through change and with empathy, applying our emotional strengths to guide ourselves and others through challenging situations. Our panelists provided guidance on looking after ourselves physically, mentally, and showed how these are so intertwined with our emotional wellbeing. All of our speakers’ advice touched on caring and compassion for others, but also for ourselves. Our final webinar expanded on that need for self-compassion, showing us that it is an integral part in taking care of our whole self.


Change Recording @

Leading a team through change requires painting your vision for your team, staying on track, communicating the why, and being aware of people’s emotions as they deal with changes.

Empathy Recording @

A key to empathy is understanding our own emotions through self-awareness and learning more about those emotions. Awareness allows us to monitor our reactions and responses, and understanding allows us to communicate how we feel to others.

Physical Recording @

How do you know you are healthy? A lot of us focus on weight and BMI, but health is more than a numbers game. We are all unique and need our own approach to a healthy lifestyle; and most importantly how to approach diet and exercise in a positive way.

Mental Recording @

Taking care of our mental health starts with acknowledging the pain we’ve experienced, being honest with ourselves, and nurturing ourselves by focusing on gratitude.

Compassion Recording @

Remembering to celebrate our success, being curious about the world, and suspending self-judgement are all part of self-compassion. They are key to being resilient and maintaining a positive outlook in such stressful times.



A big thank you to all of our speakers, who freely donated their time and expertise to bring you this webinar series. They are: Kelley Curtin, Erin Thorp, Kelsey Davidson, Kelly Summers, Megan Barefoot, Matthew Kelemen, Val McIntosh, Alicia Bowman, and Dr. Wilma Slenders.


A big thank you to MegaPixx and Calgary’s Business for producing our promotional videos and hosting the webinar recordings.

Thank you Enta Solutions for providing us with computer and technical support.

Thank you so much to the following sponsors for providing discounts to our WomenIN members, as well as the prizes for our draw this Thursday November 12th.

Tricon Solutions, Coldwell Banker Complete Real Estate, Erin Thorp Coaching, Transcend Management Advisors, Your Soul Beyond, Matthew Kelemen


Thank you to our dedicated team of volunteers for all of your hard work in organizing and presenting this webinar series. Candida Tocci, Katelyn Bullock , Heike Cantrup, Wilma Slenders , Wendy Fortna , Karyn Schinkel, Ines Quandel, Farah Kaleem

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