Taking care ... of yourself

by Karyn Schinkel

Self-care – we hear so much about this, but what does that actually mean? I think it means different things for different people, and even at different times in their life.

I have always been a runner, since I was 15. My self-care and alone time, that, as an introvert, was always needed, was running. I’d run for hours, challenge myself to races and running in the mountains. I really didn’t need more than that. That time made me a better wife, a better mother, better friend, gave my head time to clear.

In the last year, health issues have prevented me from running and have turned my life upside down. Now what? I have had to rethink this whole thing.

I tried to force myself to keep running, but my body was quick to remind me that wasn’t an option anymore. So how can I get that time, to clear my head, to be alone with my thoughts? Also, in light of my health issues, self-care and putting myself first was not optional.

It’s taken me over a year to sort this out, clearly, I’m a slow learner! But I identified as a runner, so it felt more than just changing my self-care practice. Also, as women, as mothers, the guilt that comes with taking time for yourself and putting yourself first was something else I had to get over. And no one was putting that guilt on me other than myself!

So now, I have slowed myself down, my workouts, although are still a big part of my self-care, have changed and are less intense. This not only fuels my body but eases my mind. Mediation has made its way into my life, my need to be in nature is also now a priority. I’ve always been a hiker, lover of all things outdoor, but was always ‘if I had time’, now I make the time, I have to.

I have also realized how important my female friendships are, and making sure these friendships are built from love and support for one another, and endless banter, of course. Time with these women in my life is at the top of the list. Each time I am with them, I relish in the gratefulness I feel for them, it soothes my soul.

I think self-care is ever evolving, and as our lives change, so do our definitions. But what doesn’t change is the need for it.

What does self-care mean for you? Comment below, I would love to hear from you.




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