Tell a Story Day

Today is Tell A Story Day in the US, because 11 years ago someone thought the craft of storytelling should be celebrated and not forgotten.

Most of us learned the basics of story-telling in elementary school, but if you’re like me you may have forgotten those by now.

Here’s a brief refresher for all of us. All stories should have a beginning, a middle and an end. Each story should have a plot or story line. The plot structure most commonly taught starts with a conflict of some sorts, some rising action, the climax, some falling action, and a resolution. Most stories feature a hero and a villain, because this gives us someone to root for or against.

How often do you tell a story as part of your day to day communication? As part of your job?

A sales pitch is a story, one that makes you relate to the person selling the product. A project review is a story, one that garners support from your stakeholders. At the core of a good job interview is a good story. You’re telling the employer the story of your journey and your successes.

Think about all the stories you tell as you communicate with others. Think about all the stories that others tell you and the impact those stories have.

Do you consider storytelling to be an important skill?


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