The Money Wise Webinars - this week with Jane Zhang

We negotiate for things every day! Often these are informal negotiations for minor outcomes at home and at work. But, every now and then we make a large purchase and our negotiation skills will have a big impact on the outcome. How good are your negotiation skills? Do you drive a hard bargain, or do you struggle to ask for a better deal?

This Wednesday at NOON Jane Zhang, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at ETCH Sourcing, walks us through the negotiation process. Jane will share a variety of negotiation techniques with us and delve into some negotiation methods. There one method that is better than others. Join us to find out which one it is.

We at WomenIN look forward to seeing you at the webinar. It is FREE and available to everyone.

If you haven’t registered for The Money Wise webinar sessions yet just follow the link

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