The Money Wise Webinars - this week with Kalee Boisvert

Investing Doesn't Have to be Scary

This Wednesday at Noon Kalee Boisvert is going to take the scary out of investing!

In her words – The topic of investing can be intimidating, uncomfortable, daunting, scary, frightening…and the list goes on. But investing is one of the surest ways to grow your wealth, so it will undoubtedly be something you will encounter in your financial life. If fear has been holding you back from investing this session will provide insights and ways to make investing less scary, so that you can truly reap the rewards and enjoy watching your money grow.

This presentation is perfect for those new to investing, as well as experienced investors who are looking to increase their investing confidence. You will leave with action steps that you can implement right away to get you closer to achieving your financial goals.

We at WomenIN look forward to seeing you at the webinar. It is FREE and available to everyone.

If you haven’t registered for The Money Wise webinar sessions yet just follow the link

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