What lens are you wearing?

by Candida Tocci

Where are my reading glasses? What lens are you wearing? We hear people saying, “I don’t see color”, I said that, just recently too. Because from my lens I see the human spirit when you look into someone’s eyes and feel the same basic wants and needs…And then I did see color because a wise friend said “I think we need to acknowledge that we see the very different life experiences people have based on skin color and that we want to take action to those experiences no longer be negative” Wow! See I told you she was wise. How are you reading people? With what lens? Everyone belongs! That’s the very essences of diversity and inclusion. We all make up the culture we live in, whether we are rich or to the very poor – the homeless. We all need to live together in harmony! Black lives do matter! At WomenIN we work tirelessly towards a future world of equal opportunity for all. Although we are a young organization we are creating awareness to these issues, opportunities for all to get involved no matter color, gender or orientation and most of all as we build a trusted community to embrace the tapestry of our culture.

If you feel you want to do more here is how you can

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