Who is your hero?

by Heike Cantrup

We’ve all been through the proverbial ringer in the last twelve months, none of us are immune to it. And how do we cope? We take it one day at a time and find the things to look forward to and people that help us rise above.

Now normally you might think of a mentor, coach, grandparent or a spokesperson who continues to fight for the underdog. But me, I nominate my 15-year old son as my hero. What makes him worthy? Oh, let me count the ways.....

1. He’s fighting his way through high school, struggling with masks, separation of friends and limited to no socialization that isn’t via Xbox. But he still manages to find ways to converse with us.

2. His sister is facing an early diagnoses of ADHD, and while he’s skeptical, he listens to me when I say we have to cut her slack and be more patient than ever. He’s still human, and had limited patience when she became irate about testing the Christmas tree topper, but always comes back to apologize, recognizing his flawed ways.

3. I’m still trying to get my divorce finalized, while trying to manage a full time consulting role, care for a large home, perform maintenance activities, remember all the family appointments, read school emails, help volunteer with a not for profit group and parent my kids while they try to navigate an online school program and not succumb to the temptation of sleeping in and avoiding eating breakfast before they start their day. He always knows what the right thing to say is and often tells me he loves me out of the blue.

4. He started an educational coaching program back in April. And while the start was rocky (what am I doing this for), he grew into looking forward to his sessions and loves to summarize what his coach taught him. He’s even turned it around on me and shared how I could benefit from a more open mindset! Talk about turning the tables!!!

5. He’s learning German at school and wants nothing more than to converse with my parents in their native tongue. It’s great to hear him read and write the language and turn on the passion for grammar. Who knew masculine, feminine and neuter would be so fascinating to a young mind. I don’t have many people to confide in, and unfortunately he’s seen me cry like a baby. But never does he mock me and is so compassionate with his feedback and insight. So here I sit and write about him to give him as many positive praise moments as possible. How did I get so lucky to raise such an inspiring young man? I urge you to observe your inner circle and rethink the hero concept. Wonder Woman and

Superman create great Hollywood moments, however your own hero is probably closer than you realize and might be waiting for you to remove the superhero mask and reveal their true identity!

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