Winter is Coming! Are you ready?

by Ines Quandel

As days grow shorter and temperatures drop many of us are none too thrilled. Winter here in the Rockies is a long one. What is your favourite way to cope? My way has been to find something to embrace about this season, a combination of a snow sport and indoor activities.

Fun Ways to get Fresh Air

The outdoors is not just for the hardy! With the right layers of clothing winter can be fun even for those of us who quickly turn into an icicle without. I know, because I freeze quite easily and have tested out a few layering approaches for the ski hill. Plus, there are now heated socks, heated vests, and heated gloves available. You might even be ready for an all-winter-long patio season with all those clothing options. A romantic evening walk to check out the stars is a fun reason to get out of the house. In the summer you’d have to be out around midnight to get a good look at Orion’s Belt and the Big Dipper.

Creative Ways to stay Cozy

There are indoor activities a plenty from knitting, crocheting, hooking, painting, drawing, crafting, and learning to playing an instrument or two. If you don’t know how there are tutorials available on-line. Learning to knit from an on-line tutorial was great, I kept hitting repeat for the video until I got it right. No need to put another human through the joy of giving me a demo 50 times over.

Zoom book club meetings, on-line games night, or just Face Time with friends and families can add a social element to an evening or weekend. While it’s not the same as coming over there is still a lot of fun to be had in sharing seeing and hearing the people you love, like, or tolerate. Friends and family from far away can be included in these virtual get-togethers.

Seasonal Traditions to Add Cheer

I’ve started a Facebook post asking for people to share recipes for season drinks, as I’m currently experimenting with some of my own. The first test recipe was a White Hot Chocolate Mocha with Mini Marshmallows. So far 5 friends have contributed recipes and ideas ranging from Golden Milk to Gingerbread Steamers.

A more crafts savvy friend makes her own Christmas cards every year. Baking is also always a favourite, with plenty of recipes from eggnog cheesecake to Valentine’s cookies to try out.

What are some of your winter traditions that you and your family cherish? What are some new traditions that you might start this year? We’d love for you to share them with us.

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