WomenIN Profiles Series - Our Founder Candida Tocci

We would like to thank Candida, our founder of WomenIN, for starting this amazing initiative. When asked why WomenIN was important to her, this was what she said to us:

There is no feeling like that of when you are kind to someone and someone is kind to you! I will start with that, because we, as women, often come across different situations, different acts towards us everyday that make us think otherwise. Such things that make us question ourselves, such as...

Would you talk to a man this way?

Do I even want to be in a position of leadership?

Am I ready to be in a leadership role, am I qualified?

Have I earned my place at this table?

Am I being heard?

Am I being too nice … too mean?

But I think the one that really was the catalyst for me is when recently, in the role of leadership, I had to deal with another woman and the question in my head was “You do know you are talking to a human being?” Yes! I could not get my head around why at the end of all this, women could not support women! I then realized that if I wanted to see a change I had to be the change...Hence “WomenIN “was born.

We have to do better... to lift each other up.

We have to build a better future for all women, with equal opportunities for all. Within the short time that WomenIN has been around I have been inspired by the amazing men and women who have gotten involved to join this movement! Whether you are young, starting in your career, want to raise a family at home or what gender you are...WomenIN is the future and it includes you.

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