WomenIN Profiles Series – Our Social Media Coordinator Ines Quandel

WomenIN Proudly Presents

Ines Quandel

Supporting Us As Social Media Coordinator

When asked, “Why join a networking organization called WomenIN” this is what she told us…

In talking with Candida about WomenIN I was drawn to her desire to support women, and men, while pushing for equal opportunities for all. I have always preferred roles in which I am supporting people by helping them solve problems, providing them with needed information, resources, and connections. Working in an organization whose mandate was to support women in overcoming challenges and reaching their goals was the proverbial perfect fit.

I’m also excited about working toward a world in which women are not held back by biases about their leadership abilities, nor by their social roles as caregivers. I have worked for a number of great women managers and leaders, and am now working with a group of amazing women leaders at WomenIN. The dearth of women in leadership positions in our society is disappointing to me, since I believe that women have so much to offer. I believe that WomenIN has a great vision and mission and really happy to be able to assist the organization in creating a more supportive world for women, and men.

Thanks Ines, we are excited to have you as part of our team, welcome aboard!

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