WomenIN Profiles Series – Our VP of Communication Sheleza Manji

WomenIN Proudly Presents

Sheleza Manji

Supporting Us As VP Communications

When asked “Why join a networking organization called WomenIN” this is what she told us…

Someone once told me, “Empowered women, empower women.” Growing up I was always

surrounded by many inspiring women. I was blessed to have a beautiful family that uplifted me and amazing friends that always pushed me to strive for excellence.

When I entered the University of Calgary, I became a part of my Communications faculty club that was predominately female. I was excited at the prospect of learning from women of all backgrounds and journeys. During my time within the faculty, I was inspired to not only become a better leader, but to uplift other women. It was not just during the worst times that we would encourage others, but it was during the great times that we would come together and celebrate one’s success. This notion of positivity inspired me to be a part of something that drives women to inspire each other, and embrace one another.

It just so happens when I became a part of my faculty club with the other girls, I met one of my good friends who introduced me to WomenIN. Knowing my personality and my willingness to be involved in striving women to build each other up, she introduced me to Heike and Candida, and thus I became a part of this ambitious organization.

Thanks Sheleza, we are excited to have you as part of our team, welcome aboard!

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