WomenIN Profiles Series - Our VP Relationship Management Heike Cantrup

WomenIN Proudly Presents

Heike Cantrup

Supporting us as VP of Relationship Management

When asked "Why join a networking organization called WomenIN " this is what she told us...

"I've always been a person of intent. Tackling something always meant a connection with the cause, or in search of a specific outcome. In this case, I saw a very driven woman (Candida) and passionate career focused friend and mentor in search for more. In search of like minded people who want to help others flourish and reach success. I have also always absolutely loved helping people. Not because I was going to gain something from them, but because it filled my heart. Helping gives me purpose and allows me to give thanks for all the blessings that have been given to me in this lifetime. I believe WomenIN will grow into a community to prop each other up for the good of the world, not just because they are better, faster or smarter."

Thanks Heike for your energy and passion. We know that team work is one of the best ways for you to continue to foster the two way street of giving and receiving.

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