WomenIN Profiles Series - Wilma Slenders VP Strategic Initiatives

WomenIN Proudly Presents

Wilma Slenders

Supporting Us As VP of Strategic Initiatives

When asked "Why join a networking organization called WomenIN " this is what she told us...

I want women of younger generations to have different experiences than mine. Hearing a friend sharing his daughter’s experience that women in higher positions are not supporting her, or are actively holding her back reminds me of my own experiences. I thought we were beyond that. Things should have changed by now!

The number of women in senior leadership roles in corporations and on boards in Canada is woefully low. I’m told it’s partly because ‘there are no qualified candidates.’ I sincerely doubt that. It’s the qualification criteria that is skewed, toward people who already hold those roles and don’t want to lose their power. I would like to see that change to greater gender equity in those roles. 50-50 isn’t unreasonable!

I want women to feel supported in the life they choose, be that a stay-at-home mother or a corporate powerhouse. I want there to be more female role models, and supporters and champions that help them achieve their goals. I want men to understand that supporting women in no way negates or diminishes them as men.

I believe that ‘if I change myself, I change the world’ and that I need to be ‘the change that I want to see in the world’. Continuing to step up to support gender equality is one way that I am changing the world.

Thanks Wima, we are excited to have you as part of our team, welcome aboard!

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